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CAPex is a turnkey program that enables Financial Advisors, CPA’s, Exit Planners, and other trusted advisors to bring Exit Services to the business owners they advise. Unlock your clients’ net worth by helping them maximize the return on the sale of their single greatest asset, their business, so they can live their dream life and your business can grow.

The CAPex Advantage

Cornerstone Advisory Partners Exit Program (CAPex) is designed to empower trusted advisors to help their business-owner clients to successfully exit their companies for maximal value. By joining CAPex, you’ll instantly have access to exit planning services, backed by an industry-leading M&A firm, and the resources, education, and opportunities to bring that value to your clients.

Who Should Join CAPex

Find the Right Fit for You

The CAPex Program has two levels of partnership designed to meet you where you are:

Advisory Partner

Reserved for Financial Advisors and CPAs whose business model is oriented toward AUM or Exit planners seeking a collaborative approach to meeting client needs. Member requirements include proactively generating exit deal opportunities, participating in the sales process when an opportunity is uncovered, committing to participating in our joint go-to-market process, and meeting activity requirements. From understanding business value to maximizing outcomes upon sale, this membership type offers a hands-on role in shaping successful exits.

Referral Partner

Referral Partner membership in CAPex is tailored for professionals who incidentally will come across business owner clients considering exiting their business. Referral partners will passively send referrals to CAPex and are not required to participate in the process or go to market plan, and they have no activity requirements. As a Referral Partner you’ll still have access to CAPex marketing support, enabling you to connect clients with the right opportunities related to their eventual business exit.

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Joining CAPex
Pays Off.
Here’s How:

By joining CAPex, professionals can tap into new revenue streams by adding exit services to what they have to offer. This addition to their portfolio enables them to cater to a broader client base and maximize income potential.

Partnership with CAPex means collaboration with Cornerstone Business Services, a leading M&A advisory firm within the lower middle market. This association enhances credibility and provides access to industry expertise and resources.

By offering comprehensive exit strategy services, members can increase client retention and satisfaction. The ability to assist clients in such a critical aspect of their business journey fosters trust and long-term relationships.

Being part of the CAPex program connects members with a community of like-minded professionals. This network fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and creates opportunities for further business development.

CAPex’s Assurance 360™ exit service provides a structured and proven approach to business exits. Members gain access to this valuable tool, providing your clients with well-informed decisions and a higher closing ratio.

CAPex offers opportunities for professional growth and development. From educational resources to hands-on experience in business exits, members can expand their skill set and enhance their practice.

CAPex provides marketing materials and support to promote the exit advisory services. This assistance helps members effectively reach their target audience and build their brand in the market.

The Cornerstone of CAPex

Cornerstone Business Services (CBS) is a boutique investment bank specializing in sell-side M&A services for Lower Middle Market companies with $5M to $150M in revenue. With a focus on building strong relationships and delivering tailored solutions, Cornerstone has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry with services such as buy-side M&A, sell-side M&A, and estimates of value. Cornerstone continues to be a leader in the field, committed to excellence and client success.

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