About CAPex

CAPex (Cornerstone Advisory Partners Exit Program) is a specialized program designed to empower Financial Advisors, CPAs, Exit Planners, and other trusted advisors in guiding business owners through the complex process of exiting their companies. By offering a turnkey solution, CAPex provides professionals with the tools, resources, and support needed to quickly enhance their practice and deliver exceptional value to their clients.

Our Team

Scott Bushkie

Founder/Managing Partner

Our Story

The inception of the CAPex program was driven by Cornerstone’s recognition of the risks trusted advisors face when their business owner clients are considering an exit from their business. When this subject comes up the trusted advisor only has a few options:

  • Refer them to someone where they lose control of the process, meaning potential loss of AUM to the investment bank or failure to deliver results for the client, both of which can strain the advisor-client relationship.
  • Build out their own practice of M&A advisory services, which is costly, time-consuming, and risky.
  • Do nothing and risk being cut out of the loop, missing the opportunity.

CAPex was created to not only empower trusted advisors to have proactive and early conversations about eventual business exits, but to own the process. By focusing on what the business owner values most, such as legacy, financial security, and time with family, you will enhance the advisor client relationship and increase the likelihood of a successful and maximized exit. This approach positions you, the trusted advisor, as an essential partner in the client’s success journey and exponentially increases the value you deliver to your clients.

The Heart of CAPex:

Assurance 360™

Assurance 360™ is the signature sell-side M&A service offered within the CAPex program. It provides a structured and proven approach to business exits, ensuring that clients make well-informed decisions throughout the process. By encompassing a comprehensive analysis, strategic planning, and expert guidance, Assurance 360™ aims to achieve a higher closing ratio and deliver optimal outcomes for business owners. The service’s holistic approach aligns with the client’s unique needs and values, creating a tailored exit strategy that maximizes benefits and minimizes risks.

The Cornerstone of CAPex

Cornerstone Business Services (CBS) is a boutique investment bank specializing in sell-side M&A services for Lower Middle Market companies with $5M to $150M in revenue. With a focus on building strong relationships and delivering tailored solutions, Cornerstone has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry with services such as buy-side M&A, sell-side M&A, and estimates of value. Cornerstone continues to be a leader in the field, committed to excellence and client success.