Assurance 360™ Process

A Comprehensive Approach to Exit Planning

Phase 1:

Start the Conversation

The Assurance 360™ process begins with trusted advisors initiating conversations with potential clients. This is often facilitated through the “Finish Strong” transition planning system. Make the introduction to Cornerstone at this phase to help the business owner learn more about their exit options and begin working on an Estimate of Value.

Phase 2:

Know Before You Go

In this phase, trusted advisors collaborate with the Cornerstone team to assess the client’s needs against the market-based Estimate of Value and potential tax. Leveraging Cornerstone’s expertise in M&A, this stage ensures alignment with the client’s unique exit priorities.

Phase 3:

Marketing Preparation

The Cornerstone team takes the lead in preparing marketing materials, including the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), target list, and other essential documents. The business owner reviews these with their trusted advisors and approves all materials, ensuring they align with their story and growth potential.

Phase 4:

Bringing Buyers to the Table

Cornerstone’s structured process drives maximum interest while maintaining confidentiality, ensuring the client’s needs are met. Assurance 360™ has a proven track record of bringing multiple interested buyers to the table, creating a more competitive environment for pricing and terms. This empowers the business owner to choose the successor that best meets their exit priorities.

Phase 5:

Negotiations & Due Diligence

This critical phase starts with a Letter of Intent (LOI) being negotiated and signed with a buyer. Cornerstone’s M&A Advisors negotiate terms of the purchase agreement and assist in due diligence. This also gives trusted advisors a head-start on planning with their business owner client on how to manage their imminent liquidity event. This collaborative approach ensures that the client’s best interests are represented, leading to a successful closing and seamless transition to their next chapter.

Transform Your Practice

Embrace the Assurance 360™ Process with CAPex

Join the CAPex program and leverage the Assurance 360™ process to elevate your practice and empower business owners to achieve their exit goals. The structured approach, collaborative engagement, and proven success of Assurance 360™ make it a game-changer for trusted advisors.