A Collaborative Approach

The CAPex Advisory Partner Go-to-Market Process is designed to provide you with a structured and collaborative approach to reaching business owners who may benefit from exit planning services. By joining forces with Cornerstone Business Services, Advisory Partners can leverage a proven process to engage clients and maximize outcomes.

The Go-to-Market Process

Step 1:

Target Identification

Identify potential clients within your network who own businesses with $5M-$150M in annual revenues and may be considering their eventual exit from their business.

Step 2:

Initial Engagement

Utilize CAPex marketing materials and support to initiate conversations with potential clients, focusing on the value of understanding business value and planning for a successful exit.

Step 3:

Collaboration with CAPex Team

Work closely with the CAPex team to assess the client’s needs and develop a tailored exit strategy using the Assurance 360™ approach

Step 4:

Joint Sales Process

Participate in a joint sales process with the CAPex team, ensuring alignment with the client’s goals and maximizing the likelihood of a successful exit.

Step 5:

Ongoing Support and Communication

Maintain ongoing communication with the client and the CAPex team, providing support and guidance throughout the exit planning process.

Benefits of CAPex Onboarding

Proven Success

The structured Go-to-Market Process has been designed to yield higher closing ratios, providing a proven pathway to success.

Comprehensive Support

Receive ongoing support from the CAPex team, including access to marketing materials, collaboration on sales efforts, and expert guidance.

Client Relationships Building

Build stronger relationships with your clients by offering a comprehensive exit strategy service, fostering trust and long-term collaboration.

Join the CAPex Advisory Partner Program

Embrace the Go-to-Market Process

Become a CAPex Advisory Partner and embrace a collaborative Go-to-Market Process that sets you apart in the industry. Leverage the resources, expertise, and support of Cornerstone Business Services to enhance your practice and empower business owners to achieve their exit goals. Contact us to learn more about the Go-to-Market Process and how it can transform your practice.