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Joining CAPex offers is a unique way to enhance your practice by providing comprehensive exit strategy services to your business-owner clients. With two distinct membership types, CAPex caters to professionals at different levels of engagement and commitment. Explore the options below to find the membership that aligns with your goals and business model.

Advisory Partner

Take a collaborative approach

The Advisory Partner membership offers Financial Advisors, CPAs whose business model is oriented toward AUM, and Exit Planners a hands-on role in shaping successful exits for their clients. Being a CAPex Advisory Partner means working closely us to provide comprehensive guidance to business owners, from understanding business value to maximizing outcomes upon sale. If you;’e serious about leveraging CAPex to grow your business, this program is for you.

Referral Partner

Make a warm introduction

Referral Partner membership in CAPex is tailored for professionals who incidentally will come across business owner clients considering exiting their business. Referral partners will passively send referrals to CAPex and are not required to participate in the process or go to market plan, and they have no activity requirements. As a Referral Partner you’ll still have access to CAPex marketing support, enabling you to connect clients with the right opportunities related to their eventual business exit.

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