CAPex Referral Partner Membership

Why Join CAPex as a Referral Partner?

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you will occasionally come across business-owner clients considering exiting their business a chance to connect them with the right opportunities. By joining CAPex as a Referral Partner you can enhance your client relationships, provide additional value, and benefit from passive referral incentives, all without direct involvement in the exit planning process.

Benefits & Incentives

Passive Revenue Opportunities

Earn from passive referrals by connecting business owners with the CAPex program, tapping into new revenue streams without the need for direct involvement.

Expand Your Business

Helping your clients with an out-of-the-box scenario like exit their business creates word of mouth-worthy value and earn you referrals.

Remain a Resource

Connecting your clients to CAPex when they are ready to exit solidifies you as the first and only advisor then need for their financial or business needs

Create a Case Study

Demonstrate your effectiveness creating financial success by being the one to connect and facilitate your clients getting maximal value for their business.

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Who Can Join?

The Referral Partner membership is tailored for professionals who incidentally come across business owner clients considering exiting their business. Whether you’re a CPA, Value Enhancement Coach, Business Attorney, or other trusted advisor, this membership offers flexibility and support.


Referral Commitment Referral Partners will passively send referrals to CAPex and are not required to participate in the go-to-market plan, and they have no activity requirements.
Alignment with CAPex ValuesAdherence to the values and principles of CAPex, including integrity, collaboration, and client-centric focus, is essential for a successful partnership.

Advisory Program

Think you’re ready to take on more than making passive referrals?

Our Advisory Partner Program can be a catalyst for the growth of your business and pay dividends on the additional time you invest in the program. Find out if you are eligible.

Join CAPex as a Referral Partner Today

Become a part of the CAPex program as a Referral Partner and unlock opportunities for growth and collaboration without the need for direct involvement in exit planning. Leverage the resources, expertise, and support of Cornerstone Business Services to connect clients with the right opportunities related to their eventual business exit.

Talk to a CAPex Program Manager today to learn more about the Referral Partner membership and how it can transform your practice.