Elevate Your Practice with CAPex

The Cornerstone Advisory Partners Exit Program (CAPex) offers a unique opportunity for various professionals to enhance their practice by providing comprehensive exit strategy services to business owners. By aligning with Cornerstone Business Services, members can fuel the growth of their business and help their client achieve extraordinary result when they are ready to exit their business.

Professionals Who Benefit from CAPex Membership

Financial Advisors and Planners

Amplify Your AUM

Financial Advisors and Planners can leverage CAPex to unlock the net worth of their business owner clients through a liquidity event; all while earning success fees, creating new revenue streams and stronger client relationships. The collaborative approach of CAPex opens new doors for growth and revenue, making it an essential addition to any financial advisor’s toolkit.

CPA Firms

Enhance Your Client Offerings

CPA Firms can benefit from CAPex by adding exit services to their portfolio, catering to a broader client base, and maximizing income potential. Collaborate with industry leaders and utilize proven processes like Assurance 360™ to provide clients with well-informed decisions and a higher closing ratio. If your firm has a formal relationship with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), you also reap the ongoing benefits of growing AUM.

Exit Planners

Transform Exit Planning

Exit Planners can join CAPex to expand their practice by offering a comprehensive exit strategy service through Assurance 360™. Raise the profile of your practice through successfully implemented exit plans and build stronger relationships with clients by fostering trust and long-term collaboration through CAPex’s resources, expertise, and support.

Value Enhancement and Business Coaches

Drive Business Success

Value Enhancement and Business Coaches can utilize CAPex to empower business owners to achieve their exit goals. Through annual reviews of an Estimate of Value, prove out the results of your mission to help clients grow the value of their business. The structured approach, collaborative engagement, and proven success of CAPex provide a pathway to success for both clients and coaches.

Business and M&A Attorneys

Collaborate with Industry Leaders

Business and M&A Attorneys can partner with CAPex to enhance credibility and provide access to industry expertise and resources. Assurance 360™ has a proven track record of success, with your vital collaboration throughout each step along the way.

Peer-to-peer Facilitators and Operations System Implementers

Foster Collaboration and Growth 

Every business owner will someday exit their business, but not many of them will get to exit on their own terms. Peer-to-peer Facilitators (e.g. Vistage, TAB) and Operations System Implementers (e.g. Scaling Up, EOS, Pinnacle) can benefit from CAPex by connecting business owners with a reliable partner when the time comes to start their next chapter.

Benefits of Joining CAPex

When Trusted Advisors join CAPex, they instantly add exit services to their capabilities which increases their value to their clients that own businesses. The ability to extract maximal value form their business is key to their financial freedom in the next chapter of their life and you can be the critical resource to help them achieve it all while growing your business and revenues.

Eligibility Requirements

Not every trusted advisor qualifies to join CAPex, though we do have two programs that put the program in reach. If you have clients that own businesses and come to you for advice, you’re halfway there. Contact us to find out if you meet the rest of the qualifications.

Program Options

Qualifications vary, as does the commitment of time and resources required. See which program is right for you by taking our 2-minute assessment.

Join CAPex Today

Unlock Unparalleled Opportunities

Become a part of the CAPex program and unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth, collaboration, and success. Leverage the resources, expertise, and support of Cornerstone Business Services to enhance your practice and empower business owners to achieve their exit goals.

Contact us to learn more about CAPex membership and how it can transform your practice.